European Linked Data Award given to Projects in Education and Legal Sector

September 14, 2016 by Thomas Thurner

(Leipzig, 14.09.2016) Now in the second year the European Linked Data Award presents two winning projects coming from the legal/law domain and the research/education sector. With 37 submissions coming form 16 countries this year’s ELDC showed that European Research and European Industry are capable of presenting top research and innovation results based on Linked Data Technologies. On 13.09.2016 the awarding ceremony take place in Leipzig's Moritzbastei ... and the winners are.




Linked Enterprise Data

The Winner in the category "Linked Enterprise Data" is the BBC in partnership with Learning on Screen and Jisc with their project The Research and Education Space (RES).  

Part of the BBC's Archive strategy for the benefit of teachers and learners, the Research and Education Space (RES) uses Linked Open Data to deliver public value out of publishing digital collections for the benefit of teachers and students in the UK. Its reach includes major stakeholders in the UK public sector such as the British Museum and British Library. It is developed in partnership with Jisc and Learning on Screen (formerly BUFVC), two British not-for-profit organisations that play a key role in bringing open research media to the UK community. 

BBC's Hilary Bishop stated in her acceptance speech: "The BBC supports Open Linked Data especially in News and Sports, the natural next step is to see how we use Linked Data to deliver publi value. It's motivating to our team, to receive an award which says - keep trying this."

The jury highlights, "RES demonstrates the suitability and potential impact of Linked Data as a medium for delivering large-scale educational resources, an achievement which the ELDC jury has elected to honour in the 2016 edition."


Linked Open Data

Winner in the category "Linked Open Data" is the Austrian Startup openlaws

openlaws is a web service for businesses and legal experts. The platform makes legal search easier and provides tools to better organize legislation, case law and personal legal information, like contracts. The database is built on open data from the EU and its member states. openlaws is aggregating and linking legislation and case law. In addition, openlaws involves the legal expert community in an open innovation approach. Experts can publish legal portfolios and can highlight text in important public legal documents, which will then be visible for other users. In order to make the service sustainable, premium features are offered for more advanced users.

openlaw's Clemens Wass in his acceptance speech: "Linked open data is a powerful resource for resource for us and the legal domain in general. It is really fundamental for the democracies in Europe. We a very grateful about this award, because it shows that legal technologies matter."

The jury claim: "Openlaws showcase how European investments in Basic Research and the latest efforts to open up substantial datasets will be taken by European entrepreneurs to build smart products and develop sustainable business out of it."

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About the ELDC

The ELDC awards prizes to stories, products, projects or persons presenting novel and innovative projects, products and industry implementations involving linked data. The two-step contest consists of a country wise nomination, followed by a pan-European selection. At the heart of the contest is an international jury of ambassadors from over 15 European countries. Those ambassadors act as country representatives to look out for the most exciting projects, people and products and elect the winner of the contest. This year the ELDC is awarded in the categories Linked Enterprise Data and Linked Open Data, with €1.500,- for each of the winners.