SEMANTiCS 2021 is hosted by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The SEMANTiCS conference will take place at the Meervaart Theatre in Amsterdam. 

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most aspiring locations for innovation. Amsterdam has a long history of collaboration and innovation. The city’s business and social ecosystems are defined by a set of shared principles: diversity, openness, pragmatism and agility. As a result, the Amsterdam Area is able to quickly translate innovative solutions into practice.

The Town

The city’s spirit of innovation is rooted in its history. For centuries, diverse groups in Amsterdam have had to work together, for example, to ensure that the city remained dry in the face of constant flooding. This has created a society that relies on innovation and cooperation. Mobilising the strength and creativity of different parties and thinking with an open mind have been the driving forces that continue to propel the city forwards today. It is this history of innovation that has allowed Amsterdam to respond so successfully in recent years to the emergence of disruptive technologies. Amsterdam’s bottom-up approach is based on smart growth, startups, liveability and digital innovation. Thanks to the cooperation between companies, research institutes, entrepreneurs and the government, the country has been able to create an environment where innovation can swiftly be created and implemented.

The Location

The Meervaart is one of the best known venues in the Netherlands and offers facilities for groups from 12 to 800 people. The Meervaart is a conference centre and theatre that hosts over 100 conferences per year. It is uniquely located on the banks of a city lake, the Sloterplas. Almost exactly in the middle between Schiphol airport and the Amsterdam city centre, the venue is easily accessible to visitors from near and far. Multiple public transport options are available on the doorstep, as well as ample, low-cost parking. The National Congress and Meeting Classification classifies the Meervaart as a venue with a luxury business atmosphere, that measures up to the strictest technical requirements for meetings and conferences.  

The “Best of Amsterdam“ in 1, 2 or 3 days

There’s a never-ending selection of things to do in Amsterdam in any weather, with many of the most rewarding experiences to be found when you step out of the well-trodden tourist paths of the city centre. So whether you’re visiting for the weekend or a fortnight, here’s your essential checklist of the best Amsterdam attractions and unmissable experiences. 

Top 20 things to do in Amsterdam