Do not miss!! Utilizing linked geospatial data for your enterprise

September 01, 2015 by (sponsored post)
Possibly one of the most interesting and promising outcomes of the activity surrounding the Web 2.0 evolution has been the large-scale adoption of Linked Data. Among the largest data sets are those with explicit geographic references, e.g. LinkedGeoData (2 billion triples), DBpedia (1 billion triples) and GeoNames (146 million triples). Other data sets carry implicit geographic references such as PubMed (797 million triples) or Freebase (1 billion triples). A problem GeoKnow aims to solve is the lack of rich geospatial links between the data and utilizing it for enterprise purposes.
Attend their poster presentation on “The GeoKnow Generator Workbench - An Integrated Tool Supporting the Linked Data Lifecycle for Enterprise Usage” in the main hall!
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