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SEMANTiCS conference is the leading European conference on Semantic Technologies and AI. Researchers, industry experts and business leaders can develop a thorough understanding of trends and application scenarios in the fields of Machine Learning, Data Science, Linked Data and Natural Language Processing.  The 16th edition will be hosted this year in Amsterdam.

About the conference

The aspect I enjoy the most about this conference is the fact that it is tied to industry and you can meet so many different people that work in different areas and that wouldn’t happen normally at an academic conference… it’s the fact that the use cases people talk about and have to do with are very real.

Michele Pasin

Lead Data Architect, Knowledge Graph Specialist, Springer Nature

The SEMANTiCS conference offers a good mix of academic and industry participants, making it a great place for exchanging ideas and views on different topics. Its Job Fair offers industries the possibility to contact people with very interesting profiles.

Josiane Parreira

Senior Research Scientist, Siemens AG Austria

The SEMANTiCS Conference is a really great place to come and look for inspiration, implementation, partners, for ideas and for business models.


Information Architect and Business Developer at Liip Zürich, Founder twygg

The level of conversation, the level of expectation of the participants and the level of sophistication of what they’re presenting is really astounding.

Jeanne Holm

former Chief Knowledge Architect and Digital Strategy Manager at NASA

Keynote speakers

Joe Pairman's picture

Joe Pairman

Senior Product Manager, Tridion Docs

How semantics power the intelligent future of content management

Ger Baron

Chief Technology Officer at City of Amsterdam

Welcome to Amsterdam

Enrico Motta's picture

Enrico Motta

Professor of Knowledge Technologies at the Knowledge Media Institute

Combining Deep Learning and Common-Sense Reasoning in Visually Intelligent Robots

Marieke van Erp's picture

Marieke van Erp

The Semantics of Smell

Maria Esther Vidal's picture

Maria-Esther Vidal

Head of Scientific Data Management Research Group

Enhancing Linked Data Trustability and Transparency through Knowledge-driven Data Ecosystems

Vanessa Lopez's picture

Vanessa Lopez

Research Scientist and Manager - AI for Health and Social Care

Knowledge Graphs for Social Good: Protecting Vital Health and Social Programs


Real Added Value comes when the Data is not just Data

Semantic technologies help to establish common grounds for IoT data and give means for doing analysis and developing, for instance, machine learning approaches on top. 

Connecting the Dots Between Disparate Pieces of Information

Why RWS have embedded Semantic Technology natively into their content management platform – allowing businesses to achieve consistency and relevance across their digital touchpoints.

Semantic Web: The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating

I talked to Danny Greefhorst, director at ArchiXL, Principal Consultant, Enterprise Architect, Data Management Professional and critical thinker about the importance of data management in modern IT. 

Enhancing Linked Data Trustability and Transparency through Knowledge-driven Data Ecosystems

Maria-Esther Vidal, leader of the Scientific Data Management group at TIB speaks in this interview about her research areas and the upcoming DBpedia Day on 9th of September. 

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Organized by

Institute for Applied Informatics



KIT-Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Conference venue

Theater de Meervaart
Meer en Vaart 300
1068 LE Amsterdam, Netherlands

VU University Amsterdam
Faculty of Sciences
Department of Computer Science     
De Boelelaan 1081 
NL-1081 HV Amsterdam 
The Netherlands