John WalkerOnno Buijs

For semiconductor manufacturers it is important to be able to track and trace the physical movement and status of products as they travel through the supply chain. In the event of quality issues, the ability to quickly and accurately identify a defective product, analyze the root cause and contain impacted parts is critical.

Sebastian Faubel

In this presentation we will introduce, a model-driven development platform based on Semantic Web ontologies. We will talk about our motivation, the solution architecture, the challenges we encountered during development and future goals. In a live demonstration we will show how it can be used to model ontologies using the Linked Open Data cloud.

Enno Meijers

The KB, national library of the Netherlands, aims to provide unhindered access to the publicly funded library collections in the Netherlands. The KB has a long history of collaboration with partners in the domains of public libraries, cultural heritage and academics to achieve this goal.

Seyyd Mohamad Bagher SajadiAli Hadian

FarsBase, a Farsi Knowledge Graph, consists of more than 500K of entities and 7 million relations between them.  Data (triple) have been extracted from Farsi edition of Wikipedia and raw text using NLP techniques. According to the semantic web, RDF data model and OWL2 ontology have been employed to implement the Farsi Knowledge Graph (FKG).

Martin Kaltenböck

The amount of data available and produced every day is exploding – data has become an important raw material that is of high importance in nearly every industry sector worldwide.

Klaus Kater

Starting in 2015 ds9 has been developing a large SEARCHCORPUS of companies in the Bio Sciences market for Boehringer Ingelheim. This Biotech Companies SEARCHCORPUS is optimized on an ongoing base to allow data scientists to quickly find licensing opportunities, acquisition targets and new technological developments of competitors.

Christian SagederEelco Kruizinga

DNV GL and Openlaws are in the business of helping organisations to be compliant with regulations, rules, standards and best practices (DNV GL in the energy sector, and Openlaws by providing tools for legal knowledge management).

Karsten Schrempp

In the context of the IoT one of the current hypes of the (German) machine industry is to provide the content of technical documentation using so called content delivery portals to their customers and service technicians. Goal is to provide detailed, order-specific information directly to electronic devices.

Albin AhmetiRobert David

PoolParty Semantic Suite is Semantic Web Company’s platform for enterprise information integration based on Linked Data principles. PoolParty consists of several components that process and manage RDF based data sets. These components have consistency requirements towards the data they work on. Also, users have requirements towards the quality of the data they manage.

Mary-Ann GrossetThierry VebrAndrés Barreneche

“STIP Compass” the EC-OECD international Database of Science, Technology and Innovation was launched 26 April 2018. It is a joint effort between both the European Commission and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, which provides information on over 7000 policy initiatives from more than 50 countries, collected  through the EC-OECD STI Policy Survey.


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