Kathryn LeeStefan Piruzevski

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has evolved from using disparate systems for managing content and ontologies to focusing on data integration and quality management. 

In addition to implementing technological improvements, CBC also focused on breaking down silos in order to socialize semantic concepts across the organization.

Miroslav Líška

Slovpedia ( is a database that contains linked open data acquired and processed from various slovakian public open data sources. It is possible to search for a company, public service, place or any other entity and then explore its properties and relationships. Slovpedia provides text search as well as visual graph based search.

Ricardo Eito-Brun

This paper describes the creation of an RDF ontology designed to sup-port information retrieval needs of journalists and media professionals.

Milena Yankova

Analyzing diverse data from multiple sources evokes intelligence - the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills -  and reasoning is of the skills we need to make sense of the world around us.

Manuel MonteroFelix Sasaki

This presentation shows the application of semantic technologies to company internal data sets. We are calling our approach “semantic roundtripping”. There are four specific aspects of this approach. First, we focus on semantic processing of XML data sets, using format preserving enrichment. Second, we are careful not to break existing XML based workflows.

Rajam Sidhant

Recommender Systems (RS) have taken the center place in contemporary e-commerce marketplaces. And RS guides customers towards such items that best meet their preferences and requirements. Although there are many RS techniques including content-based, collaborative filtering, knowledge based etc., each technique has some downsides such as data sparsity, cold-start problem, scalability etc.

Alexander HeußnerPatrick Sona

Engineering and production in aviation inherently have a disproportionally high documentation requirement – both regarding quantity and quality. Technical writers need software support for the integration of (references to) preexisting textual documents and structured data, e.g. CAD drawings and FEM data from engineering.

Kris Van Damme

Research products have evolved a lot in the last decade.  Starting from metadata search, over keyword and fulltext search to more intelligent forms. Customers have always struggled with using the correct (from author's point of view) searchterms.
At Wolters Kluwer we want  help and guide the users from their problem or question toward the right answer within the context of a document.

Tassilo Pellegrini

DALICC  is a software framework that supports legal experts, innovation managers and application developers in the legally secure reutilization of third party data sources.


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