Workshop on Rethinking Asset Information Management

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021 - 09:00 to 12:30

Organized by: 
Jan Voskuil, Taxonic

The long-standing problems in the domain of asset information management are well-known. These include the high volumes of data being exchanged by many different parties, the great variety of specialisms involved, each with their own vocabulary, and the difficulty of exchanging data in a form that make them useable in other applications than the ones they were created in. A radical new approach is needed. There is a growing consensus that RDF and Linked Data are an important element of that new approach.

This realisation is reflected in several interrelated developments. On the one hand, there are various standardisation initiatives that have been active for many years. Now, these separate initiatives come together as they gain significant momentum. On the other hand, asset owners as well as service providers are launching large scale initiatives implementing IT-solutions in which RDF plays a central role. The notion of object type libraries (OTL), which are essentially ontologies in OWL or SHACL, play an increasingly important role in both standardisation and the creation of solutions.

The presenters in this workshop have long been active in these developments. They will discuss the current situation of the standards, and where these are heading next. Also, they will present some interesting cases of how the application of semantic technology improves asset information management, bringing us closer to the ideal of creating true digital twins and realizing other BIM-concepts.

About the organizers:

A cognitive linguist by background, Jan Voskuil is a technology evangelist in the field of Linked Data. Jan is CEO of Taxonic, which he co-founded in 2012. Jan is involved in many real-world projects implementing RDF and Linked Data, in roles ranging from solution architect to ontologist. He has been involved in Platform Linked Data Nederland (PLDN) from the beginning in 2012 and is active in many other community initiatives.

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