Solid – Best shape your data to make data sharing easier

Tuesday, September 7, 2021 - 09:00 to 12:30

Organized by: 
Pieter van Everdingen, PLDN
Joep Meindertsma, CEO of Argu and Ontola

Solid is an initiative that was started by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, to realize a course correction of the World Wide Web as it is now. Our personal online data is locked into systems and large technology platforms and cannot easily be shared with other persons and organizations. We are not in control over our own online personal data anymore and our personal data might be abused for the wrong reasons. The ambition of Solid is to give users the control back over their personal online data via a set of specifications, supporting technologies that implement these specifications and via a global community and ecosystem, where experts around the world work together to realize the different building blocks of the Solid ecosystem.

This workshop will give you an overview of where we are now in our journey to realize the Solid ambitions. Starting with an overview of the latest developments in the Solid ecosystem and the value of Solid for the different participants in the Solid ecosystem, we dive into the developer journey for creating Solid apps using reusable UI and server components. Then we will highlight two use cases that will show how a My Citizen Profile is going to work for all citizens in Flanders and how digital heritage objects can be registered and maintained by administrators of small heritage organizations and how these objects can be shared on the web with a global audience. And this workshop will end with a look into the future and how universities can contribute to Solid via their research projects to provide building blocks for additional functionalities within the Solid ecosystem.

About the organizers:

Pieter van Everdingen

Pieter is one of the community leads of Platform Linked Data Netherlands (PLDN) and he also works as an independent Enterprise & Information Architect in linked data projects for his customers. He has a background in business rules from his study at the Technology University Eindhoven and he has worked in projects and programs that implemented Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Joep Meindertsma

Joep is the CEO of Argu and Ontola and he is the Chief Technical Officer of Dexes. He is involved in many innovative projects, like Atomic Data (a specification for modeling and exchanging data), Dexes (an open data marketplace), DexPod (a Solid pod implementation), Argu (an e-democracy platform), (a search index for governmental documents) and projects for model-driven development of linked data applications with reusable server and UI components.

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