Semantics in Asset Management

Wednesday, September 8, 2021 - 14:45 to 16:15
Johannes Frey


Selling RDF: A field report from the Netherlands (Gold Sponsor Talk)

In 2017, the Dutch market for RDF-based IT-solutions started to grow fast. As a consultancy specializing in Linked Data, we had more RDF-related work in 2017 alone than in the period 2012 – 2016. What has changed in the past four years? The market has grown significantly, and demand is currently growing at a faster rate than supply. (Yes, we are hiring!) Much activity can be seen in the public sector, health care, industry, logistics, publishing, and many more domains. The fastest growth is probably to be found in asset management and construction.

Salus: A Solution for Labor Agreement Processing in Dutch.

The Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment in the Netherlands conducts around 30 research studies on labor agreements per annum, with the topics varying from flexible labor market, diversity in the workplace, and the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the collective labor agreement. The aim of these studies is twofold: on the one hand the collective labor agreements are a gauge for policy, and at the same time they can form an inspiration.

Implementation of a digital partner ecosystem using Linked Data

The energy transition brings about new challenges, while the traditional cascade model for asset management is too slow and expensive to cope with these challenges. Therefore, transmission system operator TenneT is transforming the asset chain to a dynamic digital ecosystem in which partners work together in an innovative way. This provides TenneT with the agility to work together smoothly with many different contractors.