Ontology Management

Wednesday, September 8, 2021 - 16:30 to 18:00
Milan Dojchinovski


Ontology Engineering Process at eccenca: Overview and Outlook

Ontologies are one of the main ingredients for building Knowledge Graphs. As part of our mission, eccenca develops and deploys Enterprise Knowledge Graphs based on eccenca Corporate Memory for its customers. In this talk, we will give an overview of eccenca's Ontology Engineering process. The presentation outlines how ontologies are developed, tested, and utilized. Our working model is based on software engineering principles and involves domain experts, linked data professionals, and data engineers.

Ontologies and RDF* for Knowledge Management

Our client in this case study is a software company which develops, publishes, and distributes video games for consoles, PCs, smartphones, and tab-lets in both physical and digital formats. They also create educational and cultural software, cartoons, and literary, cinematographic, and television works. It owns several brands and a diversified portfolio of franchises. The client required a centralized vocabulary management software platform to provide standardized concepts across a decentralized, global organization to find, browse, and discover enterprise content.

Datafication of juridical texts in real estate

In the datafication of juridical texts in real estate we combine a complete round-trip set of semantic web technogies. We built a skos-based taxonomy to organize the knowledge we derive from the text models and translate that knowledge into an ontology. The result is an rdf-a document that contains all the relevant data that conforms to the ontology and is self-explaining by the taxonomy.