Legal Compliance

Wednesday, September 8, 2021 - 14:45 to 16:15
Tassilo Pellegrini


Smart police reports: creating semantically rich police reports

To mitigate the problem of costly and time-consuming creation of document generation software, we present a solution used by the Dutch National Police that uses semantic models (SHACL/RDF and SHACL Rules) and XSL stylesheets to generate PDF documents that can be used as legal documents in court. The required time and effort could be reduced by using such a model-based approach while maintain the legal quality of the documents.

Data driven investigation and registration at the Dutch National Police

The Dutch National Police is one of the largest governmental organisations in the Netherlands, with over 65.000 employees. Currently, we are undertaking the effort to redesign and realize the new ad-ministrative information system that should support the day-to-day processes of most of the common police agents ‘on the street’. As we are using RDF technology, this will arguable create one of the larg-est online transaction processing software solutions using RDF. The current software production cycle is performed using SAFE en Agile methodologies by more than a dozen high-performance teams.

DALICC AS A Service - A restful architecture for license clearance

Modern IT applications increasingly retrieve, store and process data from a variety of sources. This can raise questions about the compatibility of licenses and the application`s compliance with existing law. Issues of rights clearance are especially relevant in the creation of derivative works compiled from multiple software and data sources. Manual clearance of licenses can be complex and error prone, thus requiring a high degree of costly expert knowledge.