FAIR Data Sharing

Monday, September 6, 2021 - 15:15 to 16:45
Marco Brattinga


Lynx: A FAIR Knowledge Graph Engine for Reference Data Integration & Look up Service

In this presentation, we will show and provide technical details of Lynx, a Knowledge Graph and FAIR-fueled system to enable seamless access across the Roche semantic ecosystem. On the one hand, Lynx exploits machine-readable, FAIR Knowledge Graphs to allow for accessing and combining multiple and disparate reference data systems. On the other hand, Lynx bridges the gap for non-experts with an intuitive and user-friendly way of finding and exploring FAIR data.

A data centric organisation

Knowledge retrieving Coronabot for the German Government driven by Semantic Technologies

The COVID-19 pandemic is a showcase for a data-driven society. Hence, the German government was aiming to provide free access to COVID-19 data to all citizens. However, making the corresponding data accessible by non-experts is not easy due to local characteristics and time-dependent metrics (e.g., the data is only collected on district level). We present the Coronabot facilitating the access to German COVID-19 data capable of answering German and English questions.