Enterprise 360 & Digital Twins

Monday, September 6, 2021 - 15:15 to 16:45
Tassilo Pellegrini


Employee 360 View: Use a knowledge graph to understand and predict your workforce needs

Despite the many software solutions and rising number of applications that allow siloed enterprise systems to communicate, organizations and employees continue to face challenges effectively extracting actionable insights from how key organizational assets such as people, processes, products, and customers are related and impact each other. This remains an important topic because the data needed to make any type of business investment or capacity building decisions is scattered across various parts of the organizat

Digital Twins in Financial Services

Many industries and organisations face challenges with complexity. Many Firms in Financial Services are overwhelmed by complexity - complex, clients, products and markets, legacy technologies, acquisitions, regulations - and on top of it all, change as a constant. Digital Twins offer a chance to tame that complexity and start to trun the tide, brining together expert persepectives to create shared, connected maps.

Knowledge Graphs for Solution Sizing in Factory Automation

In this presentation we describe the data processing workflow and querying approach of an online, customer-facing application for the interactive sizing of automation solutions from Festo, a global leader in factory automation. The semantic application uses knowledge graph (KG) technologies to present customers a ranked selection of proper solutions out of millions of electric drive trains from given parameters such as working range, moving mass, travel time, etc.

The talk will provide insights to the KG relevant parts of the productive application such as: